San Lorenzo Dog Training Club (SLDTC) members are a diverse group involved in a wide range of activities from showing in obedience and conformation to helping the community with the therapy dog and dog dancing teams. Our members' dogs are just as diverse, from big to small and pure-bred to mixed-breed. All are welcome here!

Become a Member

There are several types of membership available at the SLDTC:

Active Membership
Anyone who is at least 18 years old may apply to be an Active Member. Active Members are required to participate in at least two working activities for the Club each year. Active members receive discounts on training fees and access to many fun Club activities throughout the year!
Active Membership (Couple)
Same as Active Membership, but the dues pay for two adults in a family.
Associate Membership
Anyone who is at least 18 years old may apply to be an Associate Member. Associate Members may attend Club meetings and social functions, but may not vote or hold office
Junior Membership
Anyone who is 10 - 17 years old may apply to be a Junior Member, and they may automatically convert to regular Active Membership when they turn 18. Junior Members may not vote or hold office.

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Applying for Membership

To apply for membership, you will need to have been associated with Club activities for at least three months and have the endorsement of two Active Club Members in good standing. If you qualify for membership and want to join, contact us for a Membership Application Form. After you have filled out the application form, you must submit it along with the prorated annual dues for the remainder of the current year (see dues table below for amounts).

Once the application has been submitted, you come to the next general monthly meeting along with at least one of your sponsors. You will be introduced and your application will be read to the membership. Then, at the following general monthly meeting, you will not be present and the membership will vote to accept your application. After the second meeting, you will be notified of your acceptance or rejection.

Membership Renewal

Membership is renewed annually in January by paying the membership dues amount to the Treasurer. Active members are entitled to vote in the annual election in January, provided their dues are paid before the meeting is called to order. Dues for all other members must be paid within 30 days of the annual meeting in order to retain membership.

Membership Dues

Yearly dues are due in January of each year, and the following are the current amounts. For new members, dues are prorated based on the month in which you join (dues paid in November or December are for the full amount and cover the next full year of membership). Renewing members pay the January amount for their annual dues.

Month Active Member Active Member (Couple) Associate Member Junior Member
January $25 $30 $20 $15
February $23 $28 $18 $14
March $21 $25 $17 $13
April $19 $23 $15 $11
May $17 $20 $13 $10
June $15 $18 $12 $9
July $13 $15 $10 $8
August $10 $13 $8 $6
September $8 $10 $7 $5
October $6 $8 $5 $4
November $25 $30 $20 $15
December $25 $30 $20 $15