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Labrador Retriever
Constance Barich
Notes & Brags:
  • Jun 2019: Rosie was the #3 Labrador Retriever in Rally Masters for 2018, according to Front & Finish. I’m so proud of my girl!
  • Jan 2019: Rosie earned AKC legs in Scent Work Containers Master (with a 4th place ribbon) and Scent Work Exterior Master on January 20th in Lancaster. Note: This was Constance and Rosie’s last hurrah in the USA. They have begun their new adventure as residents of Portugal. We will miss them.
  • Nov 2018: Rosie completed her BCAT title.
  • Sep 2018: Rosie finished her Rally Master 3 title, to finish her Rally career. She will do Team Rally at Del Valle with Mary Bayley, Debbie Wanlin, and Geri Lopez. Rosie also got 2nd place in Advanced Interiors at the Lodi Scent Work Trial.
  • Aug 2018: Rosie finished her Rally Master 2 and she expects to finish her Rally Master 3 this weekend. At the Santa Clara DTC Scent Work Trial, Rose got her Novice Buried title on Saturday to finish her Novice Scent Work title, and got first place in Advanced Buried on Sunday.
  • May 2018: Rosie finished her Rally Master title at the Butte County KC trial (beating Posey by a day) and is already halfway through her second Rally Master title. She consistently gets scores in the high 90’s. Rosie finished her Trick Dog Performer title. In AKC Scent Work, she got her titles for interiors, exteriors, and containers and was High in Trial at the Davis trial.
  • Apr 2018: Rosie earned legs 6 through 9 towards her Rally Master title in Sacramento at the Northern California Terrier Association and the Sacramento Kennel Club’s April 12-15, 2018 back-to-back trials. She took 1st place on Thursday with a score of 98, qualified with a score of 83 on Friday (Rosie decided to take a detour around the jump...), took 4th Place on Saturday with a score of 91, and managed to take 1st Place again on Sunday with a score of 99.