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  • BN
  • CD
  • CDX
  • GN
  • RA
  • RAE
  • RE
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Parson Russell Terrier
Mary Bayley
Notes & Brags:
  • Nov 2018: Thor got 3 Triple Q’s in Rally at the Stockton Trials, including a score of 100, and completed his Rally Master title. All the judges fell in love with him and wanted to take him home!
  • Oct 2018: Thor earned his RAE title at Del Valle. He needs 3 more legs for his Rally Master title. Also, he competed in Team Rally with Constance Barich, Debbie Wanlin, and Geri Lopez. It was a Novice course. The Team finished in first place, with a perfect score of 400 (each dog got 100 points).
  • Sep 2018: Thor qualified in Rally Master, Excellent and Advanced at the Vallejo show, getting both the High Combined and the Rally Triple awards.
  • Jun 2018: Thor qualified in Masters, Excellent and Advanced Rally at the Deep Peninsula Trial.
  • May 2018: Thor earned 3 more legs towards his RAE title in Placerville.
  • Mar 2018: Thor got the final 2 legs of his Rally Excellent title at the San Mateo KC show.
  • Jan 2018: Thor got a perfect 100 score in Rally Excellent B and first place at the Santa Clara DTC Trial.
  • Oct 2017: Thor got his RA title at Del Valle. His mom brought cupcakes to celebrate.
  • Aug 2017: Thor got his CDX title. He placed first every time he qualified.
  • Aug 2016: Thor qualified in Open A, with a 1st place (the next day, everything fell apart).
  • Jul 2016: Thor finished his Graduate Novice title in Carmel.
  • Feb 2015: Thor got his 2nd Rally Novice leg with a 3rd place at the Santa Clara Valley KC Show. At the same show, he also got his 2nd leg towards his CD with a 4th place.
  • Jan 2015: Thor got his first Novice leg at the Mission Bell Cluster. He then got his first Rally Novice leg, finishing 2nd place with a score of 98.
  • Oct 2014: Thor finished his Beginner Novice title at Del Valle. Also, hes a grandfather now!
  • Sep 28, 2014: Thor won a 5 dog run-off for first place in Beginners Novice at the Fremont Dog Training Club Trial. It was his second leg.
  • Apr 11, 2013: Thor was Best of Breed at the NorCal Terrier Show and finished his championship.
  • Jan 2013: Thor competed at the Desert Empire Show and went Reserve on Thursday, Winners Dog on Saturday and Best of Breed on Sunday. He picked up 6 points. He now has 11 points total, plus 2 majors.
  • Aug 2012: Thor was Best of Breed on Saturday and Sunday and Best Bred By on Sunday, for a Group 3 win at the Richmond Dog Fanciers Show.
  • Aug 2012: Thor was Best in Show at the Cali-Style Pit Bull Club Show (UKC).