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Call Name:
Titles Earned:
  • L1E
  • L1V
  • L2C
  • L2I
  • L3C
  • BN (May 19, 2013)
  • RN (May 19, 2013)
  • RA (Sep 29, 2013)
  • CD (Mar 2014)
  • CGC (May 2014)
  • RE (Jan 2015)
  • NW1 (Apr 2015)
  • L1C (Jan 2016)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Lee Palsak
Notes & Brags:
  • Oct 2018: Kevin got his L1V (Level 1 Vehicles) Nose Work Elements title.
  • Apr 2018: Kevin got his Level 2 – Interiors Title.
  • Feb 2018: Kevin got his L3C title at the NACSW trial in Simi Valley. He has come a long way from back surgery.
  • Nov 2017: Kevin earned his Elements Specialty Level 2 Containers in Nose Work, a year after back surgery. What a comeback, Kevin!!!!!!!!!
  • Jun 2016: Kevin got his first RAE leg at the Corgi Specialty.
  • May 2016: Kevin got his Level One Exterior Title (L1E) at the Element Specialty Nose Work trial in Washington State. He had to do 4 searches outside on asphalt.
  • Mar 2016: Kevin got a perfect score in Rally Advanced at the Corgi match.
  • Jan 2016: Kevin got his L1C title at the Element Specialty Trial in Pomona.
  • Apr 2015: Kevin earned his Nose Work 1 title at the San Luis Obispo show, finishing 9th overall.
  • Jan 2015: Kevin finished his Rally Excellent title with a score of 95 at the Mission Bell Cluster.
  • Nov 2014: Kevin got a 97 (for 2nd place) and a 94 in Rally Excellent at the Turlock Show. At Davis, he finally passed his ORT in birch.
  • Aug 2014: Kevin passed his ORT in anise and clove (but missed birch) at the Gresham trial in Oregon.
  • May 2014: Kevin passed the CGC test.
  • Mar 2014: Kevin (not to be outdone by Goldie) finished his CD at the Vintage Cluster in 3 straight days with scores of 192 (1st Place), 194 (1st Place), and 192 (2nd Place).
  • Sep 29, 2013: Kevin finished his Rally Advanced Title by qualifying at the Fremont and SLDTC Trials.
  • Jun 2013: Kevin got his 1st Rally Advanced leg at the Deep Peninsula Trial with a 97.
  • May 19, 2013: Kevin finished his Beginner Novice Title (with a second place) and his Rally Novice Title at the Oakland DTC Trial.
  • Sep 30, 2012: Kevin qualified in Rally Novice and Beginning Novice at both the San Lorenzo DTC and the Fremont DTC Trials. He got a 3rd place in Beginner Notice at San Lorenzo and a 1st place in Beginner Novice at Fremont.
  • May 2012: Kevin turned 2 years old.