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Titles Earned:
  • CGC
  • NW1
  • NW2
  • NW3
  • NW3-C
  • NW3-I
  • NW3-V
German Shepherd Dog
Shelley Fineman
Notes & Brags:
  • Dec 2014: Maggie got her NW3 title. She placed 2nd overall (Reserve High in Trial) and 2nd place in Containers. She also got her NW3-I title (Interior Element).
  • Feb 2014: Maggie got her NW3-C and NW3-V titles at the NW3 Nose Work Trial in Guerneville and finished third overall.
  • Dec 2012: Maggie was 2nd place in Interiors at the NW3 Trial.
  • Aug 2012: Maggie passed her CGC.
  • Jul 2012: Maggie finished her NW2 Title at the Salinas Trial.
  • Jun 2012: Maggie got her NACSW Nosework 1 (NW1) title.
  • Apr 2012: Maggie passed her K9 Nose Work ORT for birch, anise and clove.